About us and who we are

Fall Guys Hack & Codes

We are a team of programmers that made an outstanding job for Fall Guys Hack in getting Kudos to the players.

So our team in free time is developing mass multi-softwares that help players in acquring game resources and amazing tools.We help kids and ever mature persons avoiding spending money on the games and getting resources.

We are really happy about our team and the fact that we are providing some nice valuable stuff for our players, that uses our tool.

There is 5 things to take in consideration when using this tools also

  1. Sometimes tool might not work might be outdated and just don’t insist installing them on and on.
  2. Sometimes this tools might not help you getting exact amount of resources you need, but it might work closesly to what you need.
  3. The tools will provide you if works, a great advantage over the other players.
  4. It will be amazing and will work if you share with others.
  5. It will save you some bucks.

Some more information on your road:

We are spending sometimes off-time in creating this tool, we do it as a passion or you can call it a hobby.

Try to always help us by sharing this tools with other friends of yours that are playing it.

We are really happy if you will use our tools.You will get an advantage in fall guys or other games. First of all Kudos and Crowns. Will be really good to have for the moment, and you will gain an advantage in skins and etc. You will have so many opportunities to amaze your opponents with your funny skins.

I think is pretty crazy to generate that amount of resources in so fast time and not pay a dime.

So we think that is what every player should use and never look back how much he had. Don’t fear bans.It has Anti-Ban system VAC protected and you can use it everytime you would like.

PS: Periodically it will be updated and put up-to-date so it can work for every user every time it will use it.

So for total to understand you will be able to enjoy and use an amazing tool.Enjoy the process and share it with your friends.